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Meet our humans

  • Filippo Yacob

    Designer, entrepreneur, once office plumber, electrician, tetris champion. Following a dream inspired by the birth of a son. Read more about Filippo

    Filippo Yacob

    CEO & Founder

  • Valeria Leonardi

    The buck stops at Valeria. Benevolent COO. Kind to animals, good with children, wizard-like in finance management. Find out more about Valeria

    Valeria Leonardi


  • Ben Callicott

    Before heading product and production at Primo Toys, Ben travelled the world designing toys, and following Coldplay. Read Ben‘s interview…

    Ben Callicott

    Head of Product

  • Simon Rodder

    With his sharp business acumen, Simon keeps a tight rein on company finances. Marathon runner and charity volunteer with an epic vinyl collection.

    Simon Rodder


  • Hugo Mathers

    Hugo heads customer care. Something’s not working? Hugo will fix it. Known for avant-guard hairstyles and piano chops.

    Hugo Mathers

    Customer Care

  • Federica Orlati

    An indomitable creative zeal led Federica to head visual design at Primo Toys. It looks nice? Federica probably did it.

    Federica Orlati

    Digital Factotum

  • Alessandro Paglia

    Detailed and attentive international account manager, Alessandro is an extremely precise and reliable stock keeper and a wonderful cook.

    Alessandro Paglia

    Head of International Projects

  • Dimitri Hadjichristou

    Designs products, experiences, concepts. World traveller, bedroom DJ, sneaker collector. Meet Dimitri

    Dimitri Hadjichristou

    Interaction Designer

  • Matthew Lee

    This film-loving nerd joins the Primo team as our marketing assistant. Matt is a Netflix superuser and critic.

    Matthew Lee

    Marketing Assistant

  • Natasha Polyviou

    With a background in publishing, Natasha looks after the Primo Toys community on social media and our blog. Bookworm, tree hugger, board game geek.

    Natasha Polyviou

    Content and Community Manager

  • Giorgia Migliaresi

    Need advice on education? Giorgia is our cosmopolitan chatterbox. Also a DIY fashionista with a Rapunzel addiction.

    Giorgia Migliaresi

    Educational Relationships

  • Bella Harrison

    Organised multi-task champion and the go-to person for anything office and HR-related. Super mum of two and a talented ballerina.

    Bella Harrison

    Office Manager

  • Sze-Von Lam

    Need to speak to us? Sunny Sze-Von is your first point of contact. Our youngest team member goes gaga for anime and K-pop.

    Sze-Von Lam

    Customer Success and International Projects

  • Magalie Belmo

    Data-driven growth guru with a passion for samba dancing, bossa nova, warm climates and fine food.

    Magalie Belmo

    Head of Marketing

  • Tola Omoniyi

    An experienced marketeer, Tola cheerfully juggles keywords to optimise our website. Mum of two, lover of afro beat music, spicy food and Zumba.

    Tola Omoniyi

    SEO and Content Marketing Manager

  • Melenie Schatynski

    Our resident coding queen, Melenie is a former computing teacher who brightens up the office with her good nature and eclectic taste in jumpers.

    Melenie Schatynski

    Web Developer

Investors and advisors

  • Randi Zuckerberg

    Randi Zuckerberg


  • Massimo Banzi

    Massimo Banzi


  • Ben Vedrenne-Cloquet

    Ben Vedrenne-Cloquet


  • Matteo Loglio

    Matteo Loglio


Where we are

You’ll find us hard at work in our bright and airy London office: Primo HQ, Unit 19, 14 Southgate Road, London, N1 3LY, UK.


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