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Cubetto Code & Colour

Transform Cubetto into a drawing bot, as tangible coding becomes tangible art.

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Inside the box

Say hello to Cubetto Code & Colour and turn Cubetto into a drawing bot. Put the A into STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths) education to give your child the means of creative expression.


Start mixing art with code

  • Computer graphics with no screen
    Attach pens to Cubetto and draw line graphics with different algorithms. Inspired by Logo Turtle graphics, we call this Cubetto Graphics.

    Computer graphics with no screen

  • Turn tangible code into masterpieces
    Learn how to code your own art. When the world of computer programming and the world of art collide, magic happens. Think Pixar.

    Turn tangible code into masterpieces

  • Learn new colouring concepts
    All new challenges to encourage you to learn about different drawing techniques and new concepts including symmetry and colour mixing.

    Learn new colouring concepts

Take a peek inside

Join our playful robot as we explore the world of computer graphics without a screen and collide coding with colouring!

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