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Federica Orlati

Federica Orlati

Cubetto Crafts | Create a Reindeer Costume for Cubetto

Craft a festive outfit for your little wooden robot with this fun Cubetto modification.


4 brown pipe cleaners

Double-sided tape or masking tape


22 or 45cm of red ribbon, depending on thickness (optional)

Red pom pom

How to

Twist two pipe cleaners around each other. Twist remaining two around each other to make two sets of double pipe cleaners.

Bend one double pipe cleaner just past the halfway point.

Holding the curved side, bend the longer of the two ends across the other side to make a sort of cross shape with three short and one long end. See pic for guidance, we promise it’s easy once you start! Repeat with the second pipe cleaner. These are your antlers.

Bend a little ‘foot’ on the long side of each antler.

Attach to the top of Cubetto using double-sided tape or masking tape.

If you like, cut a 22cm length of ribbon to use as a headband for Cubetto. We used two lengths of ribbon as ours was quite thin.

Wrap ribbon over the antlers and down each side of Cubetto. Attach with tape.

Attach a small piece of double-sided tape or folded over masking tape to Cubetto’s face between the eyes and mouth.

Stick on a red pom pom for a nose. Voilà – Cubetto the red-nosed reindeer!

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