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Klaas Kuperus

Klaas Kuperus

Cubetto in the Community: Camp TechTerra, USA

Camp TechTerra takes technology and nature, and brings them together to help children better understand the world around them and the gadgets in their hands. Cubetto was used at Camp TechTerra to introduce the concepts of coding and robotics to classes of 27-30 children. Workshops consisted of demonstrations and discussions in small groups, before the pupils had their turn to plan and code with Cubetto…


Institution: Camp TechTerra
Location: North Carolina, USA
Age group: 5-10
Group size: 4-6

“I need him. This is better than my iPad. I’m going to buy him as soon as I can!”

– Tristan, 9 years old

How did Camp TechTerra incorporate the Cubetto Playset into their program?

We used Cubetto as an introduction to coding for pupils to physically experience directionality and sequencing. Following a short introductory session, children were encouraged to discover Cubetto for themselves. Once the pupils had grasped the basic concept, Cubetto was used for more diverse subject matter, such as story-telling and mathematics.


What particular aspect of Cubetto worked well for this activity?

All the steps taken for introduction and interaction were successful. Cubetto proved a great starting point for teaching young children code, before progressing to more advanced tools.

How did staff members respond?

The staff were immediately able to see the advantages of physical interaction, rather than using a screen.

“I think Cubetto is the perfect first step in a child’s coding education. Once pupils have mastered the basic skills with Cubetto, they have a great platform from which to advance.”

– Susan Wells, Founder, Camp TechTerra

How did pupils respond?

Pupils were excited by Cubetto and enjoyed learning with him, and after 15 minute introduction lessons, children remained engaged with Cubetto for up to 90 minutes. None of the children struggled with Cubetto, regardless of age.



Pupils were extremely excited at the “cuteness” of Cubetto, and eagerly awaited their turn to play with him. Surprisingly, success with Cubetto was not necessarily dependant on age, as younger groups proved as capable – and sometimes more capable – than older pupils.

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