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Martina Urbankova

Martina Urbankova

Cubetto listed as an AstroSAFE Approved resource

We are delighted to share the exciting news that Cubetto and Primo Toys have been highlighted by AstroSAFE, the safe browser and search engine for children, as a trusted and appropriate resource for teachers, parents, and children. This recognition underscores our dedication to providing top-notch educational tools while prioritizing safety and security.

Central to our mission is empowering educators, supporting parents, and nurturing the growth of children. Astrosafe’s endorsement not only validates our commitment to these principles but also reinforces our efforts to create a conducive learning environment for all.

For teachers, our offering serves as a valuable asset in enriching classroom experiences, fostering engagement, and driving student achievement. Parents can rest assured knowing that our service aligns with their aspirations for their children’s education and development. And for children, our platform provides a safe and stimulating space where they can explore, learn, and thrive.

We extend our appreciation to AstroSAFE for acknowledging our contributions and advocating for safety and excellence in educational resources.

Together, we are forging a brighter path forward in education.

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