The easiest way to bring coding to life in your early years classroom

  • Coding without the screen
    Cubetto turns coding into a tangible, age-appropriate experience that reduces screen-time, increases engagement, and enhances learning.

    Coding without the screen

  • Inclusive & gender neutral
    Coding with Cubetto happens with hands-on coding blocks, which means children can use it irrespective of reading ability or language barriers.

    Inclusive & gender neutral

  • More learning, less prep
    Cubetto works out of the box, with little to no prep or prior experience required to teach with it. As fun for educators as it is for students.

    More learning, less prep

Programming Cubetto using the colorful command blocks engages children in learning the ‘powerful ideas’ for early learning described in the CS framework: patterns, problem-solving and sequencing.

Ann Gadzikowski

Early Childhood Coordinator, Northwestern University’s Center for Talent Development

The design of Cubetto follows in a child’s natural curiosity for inquiry and discovery allowing children to meaningfully construct knowledge through hands-on experience.

Dr Jennifer Williams

Program Developer & Literacy Specialist, Calliope Global Education Initiatives

The tactile nature of the programming interface is lovely, as is being able to see and edit the program directly. I rate it very positively, and my six-year-old loves it.

Miles Berry

Principal Lecturer in Computing Education, University of Roehampton

Even young students can feel empowered as Cubetto enables students to demonstrate 21st-century teaching skills and enthusiastically team together to work through tasks.

Martine Mannion

Teacher of Computing, Wellingborough School

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20,000+ educators and parents in 90+ countries use Cubetto to introduce coding in Montessori kindergartens, primary schools, early learning centres, homeschooling, SEN classrooms, after-school programmes, public libraries and community centres.


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  • How does Cubetto fit in the curriculum?

    Cubetto is a cross-curricular resource that offers a fun and engaging way to learn the principles of coding through a myriad of themes and subjects, including Literacy, Numeracy, Maths, Science and many more. It encourages students to practise life skills such as collaboration and hands-on play and helps them to develop other important proficiencies such as spatial awareness, teamwork, and storytelling.

    Check out our lesson plans to see how Cubetto fits within your curriculum’s framework.

  • Why is coding an important 21st-century skill?

    We believe that coding is the new literacy, and should therefore be prioritised from an early age. We think that children should be introduced to coding when they start learning how to read and write, and our smart-toys begin with the ABCs. It’s important children this young are exposed to basic principles of programming, even if they don’t necessarily learn how to code. Being introduced to the environment of programming, and the language of ‘algorithms’, ‘debugging’ and ‘functions’ helps give them the foundations necessary to excel.

  • Do I need to know coding to use Cubetto?

    Nope, the Cubetto playset has been designed to be equally accessible to both those who can code and those who can’t! Our teacher’s guide explains all the concepts to you, and suggests our favourite ways to explain them to your pupils.

  • Do you offer educators support to implement Cubetto in the classroom?

    Yes, we’ve got plenty of experience from our global community that we love to share. Set up a call with our Education team using the form below to find out more.

  • Where can I find educational resources?

    To help you implement Cubetto, we have created a number of resources. Get started with our teacher’s guide, then have a look at our lesson plans for more ideas on how to integrate Cubetto into your classroom.

    Success stories from all around the world are shared on our blog on a regular basis, so sign up for an ever-growing library of activities, resources and ideas!

  • Does Cubetto cater to special needs?

    We’ve experienced a great response from special needs educators who have introduced Cubetto in their programmes. You can find out more by reading our case studies on our community page.

    Due to its tangible language Cubetto does not rely on written word for your students to engage with it. This makes it suitable for ESL, non-sighted children and children with a variety of Special Educational Needs alike. This means that not only can SEN students learn and play with Cubetto, they can also do so in the same learning environment as everyone else.

  • Do I need a device to use Cubetto?

    Everything you need to get started is included in the Cubetto Playset. Just add 6x AA batteries and you’re ready to go!

  • How many kids can use a single Cubetto?

    Our community have reported having the best levels of engagement using Cubetto with pairs. However, groups of three and four still show good engagement.

  • Can I use more than one Cubetto at once?

    Yes! You can have many Cubettos in the same room.

    Cubetto responds to the nearest Board, so simply turn on the Board and the closest Cubetto will automatically pair with it. The two devices will then stay paired until one is turned off.

  • Do you accept POs?

    Absolutely! Simply get in touch via our contact form below and a member of our Education team will be on-hand to assist you with your order.

  • I need a copy of your W-9 form.

    As a British company, we will be able to provide you with a W-8BEN-E, as opposed to W-9, form. Simply click on the link to download your copy today!

  • Do you offer special educational packages or custom orders?

    Indeed we do! You can find more information on our educational packages here or can get in touch using this form to provide more information on your custom order.

How do I start?

Leave us your details to find out how Cubetto can help you teach essential coding and problem-solving skills, or to find out how to integrate it in your curriculum. Request quotes, resources, content and more.