Frequently Asked Questions


  • How is Cubetto powered?

    6x AA batteries are all you need to get Cubetto up and ready for action!

  • How long do the batteries last?

    Cubetto and your little one can explore for up to 5 hours of continuous play on one set of batteries. Rechargeable recommended for more eco-friendly adventures!

  • Does Cubetto require the internet?

    Nope! Just turn him on and you’re ready to play.

  • What ages is Cubetto suitable for?

    Cubetto has been specifically designed to be most useful for children aged 3-6, meaning we’ve paid a huge amount of attention to every last detail – from the child-friendly language in our stories, to the machine-washable maps.

  • How sturdy is Cubetto?

    Cubetto has been drop-tested and trialled with hundreds of children around the world. His shell is sturdy, robust, and ready for action!

  • Help, my Cubetto doesn’t turn 90 degrees!

    Every Cubetto is unique, meaning that there may be slight differences in each one’s turning angle when unboxed. Not to fret! We’ve made a quick and easy tutorial for you to adjust this.

  • My Cubetto has stopped working.

    We’re sorry to hear this! Please get in touch via, and make sure to include your order number, a written description and short video of the problem. This will help us diagnose the issue, and lead to a speedier fix!

  • How can I purchase additional blocks?

    Extra Blocks are now available on our shop page.

  • Is assembly required?

    No assembly required!  Simply insert batteries to Cubetto and the Interface Board then turn on the small switches. Cubetto will sing a little song when it is powered on.

  • How is this coding?

    Cubetto introduces a host of programming concepts, including ‘algorithms’, ‘the queue’, ‘debugging’, and ‘recursions’. By removing unfamiliar distractions such as screens and keyboards this allows children as young as three to write and execute their first programs, using our tangible, block-based coding language.

  • Is it suitable for 3 year olds?

    Absolutely, Cubetto has been specifically designed to be most useful for children aged 3-6, meaning we’ve paid a huge amount of attention to every last detail. From the child-friendly language in our stories, to the machine-washable maps.

  • Do you ship worldwide?

    We’re thrilled to be shipping to 60 countries around the world and are constantly working to bring Cubetto to more people meaning this number is increasing rapidly. To check if Cubetto is available in your country, visit our shop to and check our list of countries we ship to.

  • Can I use this in my classroom?

    Absolutely! We have a growing bank of activities, lesson plans, and other resources to help you inspire coding in your classroom with Cubetto. You can find them right here, at

  • How long do the batteries last?

    Cubetto can explore for up to 5 hours of continuous play with your little one, on one set of batteries.

  • How long is the warranty?

    Each Cubetto playset comes with one year of warranty from the date of purchase.

  • Can I become a distributor?

    We are working with distributors worldwide. Please check on our distributor page to see if we already have a distributor in your country. If we do not, please contact with a description of your company. Our business development team will get in touch with you.

Shipping & Returns

  • Where do you ship to?

    We’re thrilled to ship to over 50 countries around the world, and this number is constantly growing. We currently ship to:

    Albania, Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malta, Monaco, Montenegro, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Republic of Ireland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom

    North America
    Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, United States

    Bahrain, Hong Kong, Jordan, Macao S.A.R., Malaysia, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates

    Australia, New Zealand

    We also have separate sites for our customers in:

    South Korea (

    Japan (

    Italy (

    Russia (

  • How much is shipping?

    Shipping costs is free. We offer all Postage and Packaging!

  • How long does delivery take?

    For our customers in the EU and the USA, standard delivery takes between 5-7 business days. Shipping to other countries may vary, but generally takes between 1 and 3 weeks.

  • Do you offer express delivery?

    We are not yet quite set up to offer express delivery services. However, we are looking to implement this in the near future!

  • Do you have a warranty period?

    Yes! All of our items have a warranty period of 1 year, or the minimum guaranteed warranty in your country.

  • What happens if I lose or break part of the set?

    Our warranty covers any manufacturing defects, but unfortunately we cannot reimburse customers for lost or broken items.

  • How can I track my order?

    A unique tracking code will be sent through to your e-mail address approximately 1-3 standard working days after placing your order. Should you fail to receive tracking within the allotted timeframe, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us and we will look into your delivery for you!

  • How can I change or cancel my order?

    All our orders are processed at 12pm (GMT+1) each day. Get in touch with us before this, and we would be more than happy to amend or cancel your order for you! Unfortunately we cannot amend order requests once the stipulated notice period has passed.

  • Can you provide an invoice for my order?

    Of course! Please request an invoice via and we will process this for you.

  • How much will I be charged at customs?

    If you are in the US or the EU there is no import tax. In other countries duty tax may vary, so we recommend checking with your customs office before purchasing.

    Our couriers are Fedex for orders within US, Canada, Mexico and UPS for all other orders. Customers in some countries may be subject to courier advancement fees.

    We unfortunately will not be able to provide a refund if you reject the shipment due to customs or processing fees.

  • My zip code hasn’t been recognised.

    We’re sorry about that. First, please make sure we ship to your country. If we do, then write to our support team via and include your full shipping address, and attach a screenshot of the error message. This will help our technical team resolve the issue faster!


  • Do you offer discounts for educators?

    Indeed we do! Simply chat to our Education team by emailing to hear more about our volume discounts for educators.

  • Where can I find educational resources?

    You can access our teacher’s guide and lesson plans at We’re also building a resource centre dedicated to educational content, so please stay tuned!

  • Do I need a device to use Cubetto?

    Everything you need to get started is included in the Cubetto Playset. Just add 6x AA batteries and you’re ready to go!

  • How many kids can use a single Cubetto?

    We think Cubetto is most useful between pairs, or in small groups of 3 or 4.

  • Does Cubetto cater to special needs?

    We’ve experienced a great response from special needs educators who have introduced Cubetto in their programmes. You can find out more by reading our community case studies.

    Cubetto is one of only a handful of STEM-learning toys that can be used by sighted and non-sighted children alike. This means that not only can visually-impaired children learn and play with Cubetto, they can also do so in the same learning environment as sighted children.

  • Do I need to know coding to use Cubetto?

    Nope – the Cubetto Playset has been designed to be equally accessible to both those who can code and those who can’t! Our lesson plans explain all the concepts to you, and suggest our favourite ways to explain them to your pupils. Get in touch!

  • Why should 3-year-olds learn about coding?

    We believe that coding is the new literacy, and should therefore be prioritised from an early age. We think that children should be introduced to coding when they start learning how to read and write, and our smart-toys begin with the ABCs. It’s important children this young are exposed to basic principles of programming, even if they don’t necessarily learn how to code. Being introduced to the environment of programming, and the language of ‘algorithms’, ‘debugging’ and ‘functions’ helps give them the foundations necessary to excel.

  • Can I use more than one Cubetto at once?

    Yes! You can have many Cubettos in the same room. Cubetto simply responds to the nearest Board.

  • Do you accept POs?

    Absolutely! Simply get in touch via and a member of our Education team will be on-hand to assist you with your order.

  • I need a copy of your W-9 form.

    As a British company, we will be able to provide you with a W-8BEN, as opposed to W-9, form. Should you require a copy, please feel free to get in touch via and we will send this through!