Coding made easy for kids

This will teach girls and boys all over the world the basics of programming away from the screen.

Randi Zuckerberg

CEO Zuckerberg Media

Because it does not require the use of an app, Cubetto is accessible to kids who don't have a smartphone or tablet wherever they play.

Tech Crunch

To see children totally absorbed in Cubetto and motivated was a special Montessori moment.

Melissa Stockdale

Teacher & Lecturer

It gives children a fun route into the concepts and jargon of computer coding using tangible real-world objects


Kids don’t need to read in order to understand the real fun and creativity that comes with coding.

Chris Mairs

Computer scientist

Randi zuckerberg headshot ceo zuckerberg media
melissa stockdale headshot teacher and lecturer

Give your kids a head start

Teaching kids how to code should be fun and engaging! Download our free ebook to understand STEM for kids, get tips on learning to code with your little one using fun games, and help demystify any tech fears you may have.

What you'll learn from this book

  • An Introduction to Coding
    How do coding and computational thinking skills fit into the tech-savvy world of the future?

    An Introduction to Coding

  • How Young Children Learn
    Children don’t segment their learning or play. Equip them with future coding skills through hands-on games.

    How Young Children Learn

  • A Brief History of Coding
    From the Logo Turtle to modern day robots, learn about developments in coding over the years.

    A Brief History of Coding

  • Demystification of Tech
    Helping children understand what computers can do turns them into creators of technology.

    Demystification of Tech

  • Basic Language and Jargon
    Programming. Debugging. Tinkering. You’ll know your abstractions and your algorithms after reading this book.

    Basic Language and Jargon

  • Home Activities and Tips
    Simple home exercises to teach and show the fundamentals of computational thinking.

    Home Activities and Tips

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