Meet the Logic Pack!

Expand Cubetto's world, and take your child's logical thinking to the next level.

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Logic Bundle

Upskill your child’s coding logic

Say hello to the Logic Pack, a brand new kit that expands Cubetto’s world. Take your child’s logical thinking to new levels with new books and Flash Cards filled with playful challenges.

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What you learn with the Logic Pack

  • Master new blocks
    Predict Cubetto’s movements and plan with limited blocks. Be introduced to concepts such as opposites and double negatives.

    Master new blocks

  • Upskill your logic
    New Logic Blocks and never-before-seen challenges specifically created for each other, with each adventure introducing new concepts!

    Upskill your logic

  • Embark on new adventures
    Expand Cubetto's world with 32 brand new illustrated Flash Cards. From memory games to pattern recognition: play with or against a friend!

    Embark on new adventures

Take a peek inside

Join our playful robot on exciting new adventures with new friends Owlay Longhay, Penguin the cat and Lulo the fox.

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Cubetto Logic Bundle

An all in one purchase. Cubetto Playset + Logic Blocks + Logic Pack. Take your child’s coding logic to the next level.

Inside the Box: 1x Cubetto, 1x Board, 16x Directional Blocks, 1x World Map, 4x Negation Blocks, 4x Random Blocks, 4x Function Blocks, 5x Story Books, 32x Collectible Flash Cards, 1x Sticker Sheet.

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Logic Blocks + Logic Pack

Save 10%!

Together the Logic Pack and the Logic Blocks expand Cubetto’s world and will take your child’s logical thinking to unexplored heights.

Inside the Box: 1x Set of Logic Blocks, 4x Story Books, 32x Collectible Flash Cards, 1x Sticker Sheet.

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Logic Pack

Maximise your Logic Blocks with a set of storybooks and flashcards that teach new logical concepts with new friends and adventures.

Inside the box:
4x Storybooks, 32x Illustrated Flash Cards, 1x Sticker Sheet

*Logic blocks required*