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Natasha Polyviou

Natasha Polyviou

Meet the Team: Magalie, Head of Marketing

Magalie Belmo heads up Primo’s marketing activities, organising the internal team and overseeing external contractors for big campaigns such as the Cubetto Super Series on Kickstarter. She can be relied on to keep the team updated with all the latest growth tricks we need to be up to speed with and make sure we are aiming high with targets and budgets. On May 22nd, Magalie is speaking in London on Building Community for Hardware Products. Follow the link to book tickets!

I’m responsible for…

Marketing, e-commerce performance, our Amazon marketplaces, Kickstarter campaigns and everything in between, including supporting our growth team and PR.

On a typical day…

I usually start with checking the previous day’s e-commerce performance, followed by a stand-up daily scrum with the team, then move on with high priority tasks like upcoming campaigns planning, recruitment, liaising with our consultants and partners, and following up on content marketing promotions.

I got here…

After my business school MSc degree in Management I worked initially in business development at Rosetta Stone then decided that I wanted to have a more rounded view of how a business ran, so I joined their consumer division from a performance-based role, to brand and comms, and lastly with a country manager role heading the expansion into Brazil. I haven’t looked back since, I love how fast-changing the tech field is and how commercially-driven marketing can be, in addition to all the data and creative requirements.

In my past life…

As well as Rosetta Stone, I worked for the SaaS (Software as a Service) startup Macat in a variety of roles. The opportunity at Primo immediately caught my attention as it would land me in similar fields of education and retail, yet with tangible, award-winning products and within a startup which has already achieved some commercial success.

The best part of my job…

Is witnessing numbers going in the right directions from a successful decision or test. Seeing that we all work better day by day.

The most challenging part of my job…

Is keeping the balls juggling between long-term campaigns whilst prioritising e-commerce performance. I would probably add, remembering that we talk to both educators, parents and also their children… which makes the days quite interesting! It’s not often that I’ve experienced toddlers and their parents coming to the office for user testing or photo shoots – and then raiding our office supply of candy.

Outside of work…

I am an officer at Outreach Digital, a pro bono digital and tech network where we offer weekly free digital workshops. Aside from this I go to quite a lot of concerts to fully live my passion for latin, jazz, reggae and classical music.

My signature dish…

Is confit de canard and sweet potato puree – a great mix of my French Caribbean roots.

I’m inspired by…

There wouldn’t be one particular influencer in the marketing world to mention as it really depends on the speciality area. I would say that generally I am inspired by people with great charisma and strong leadership in the business world. I tend to look up to people who have shown a strong ability to self-develop and push their boundaries.

My great ambition…

Is to is to head up a business unit and following that to launch my own business.

When I retire…

I would like to go deep into cinema studies, travel and lots of reading. I will keep myself very active with most likely skill-based volunteering in a social enterprise or charity.

If I wasn’t in marketing…

I would be a music soundtrack producer, a historian or a life coach. Random combinations I know 🙂

My advice to someone who wants to get into this line of work…

Deliver great work and think of scalable and non-scalable ways to bring growth. I’ve found that in large and small companies you have plenty of opportunities to progress as long as you show willing to learn and self-develop. To get into digital from a different background, there are plenty of free online courses and in-person workshops where you can not only network but learn very hands-on stuff. 

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