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Matt Lee

Activity | Build Chinese Lanterns

Light up the Chinese New Year with these beautiful red lanterns. Create your own in this simple 10-minute activity and send Cubetto on a parade of lights!


Red construction paper


Tape or Stapler

Battery operated tealights

Markers, stickers, or other items to decorate


How to

Take a piece of red paper and cut in half (hamburger style.) Then take each half and fold in half long ways (hotdog style.)

Take your scissors and cut from the crease up towards edges while folded. Leave 1 cm at the top. Cut strips of 1 cm all the way across.

Open your fold. Take the time now to decorate your paper with whatever you like.

Take the two short edges of the paper and meet to make a cylinder. Tape or staple shut. Push down on top to open the lantern.

Use a battery-operated tea light or candle (with adult’s help!) and place on your favourite map. Now send Cubetto on a parade of lights!!

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