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Matt Lee

Activity | Build a Jetpack

Blast off into space with a jet pack for Cubetto. Bring your space map alive with a simple, out of this world 10 minute activity.


2 drinkables yogurt bottles

1 sheet of yellow tissue paper

1 sheet of orange tissue paper

Masking tape


How to

Clean bottles and remove labels.

Cut both sheets of tissue paper in half. Fold each half in half.

Lay one folded yellow sheet on one orange sheet. Push both through the neck of one of the bottles leaving some showing out the end.

Now repeat the previous step with the other bottle.

Lay both bottles side by side on a long strip of masking tape. Wrap tape around bottles.

Secure on top of Cubetto with another strip of masking tape. Now send him to the reaches of outer space!

primo cubetto activity on space adventure pack

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