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Matt Lee

Cubetto Crafts | Construct a Forest

Construct a seasonal forest for Cubetto to explore. This is a fun – and easy – activity for both small and large groups of kids.


Download cone template

Green paper

Paper towel tube or two toilet paper tubes

Tape or stapler

Crayons, markers, or other decorations

Download and print Blind Grab Template.

How to

Trace your cone template on to a piece of paper. Cut out the cone.

Fold into cone shape and attach with tape or stapler.

Stack two toilet paper tubes on top of one another. Balance cone on tube. Repeat for as many trees as you like. Alternatively, use scrunched paper for tree tops.

Place on map and have Cubetto navigate his way through the forest!

For schools and large groups

Have each child make his own tree. Then use our Blind Grab Template, to have each child draw a space from a bag and place on the map. Work as a group to move Cubetto around the map!

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