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Matt Lee

Activity | Cubetto’s Baseball Cap

Take Cubetto outside and make sure to pack sun protection. Make a baseball cap that will look cool throughout the year!


Baseball cap template or US Letter size paper hat template.


Craft paper or stiff felt

Tape or glue

Button or brass paper fastener


How to

Print baseball cap template. Cut out on solid line and lie on craft paper or felt.

Trace around template. Cut out from paper or felt.

Poke a small hole in each point of the main template. Carefully take the second point to meet the first, using a paper fastener to thread them all together. Repeat for all until a full dome is made.

If using needle and thread, knot thread a couple times. Gather all points between two fingers. Using a single stitch, pierce all points through the bottom to the top and down again.

Next, take the brim and fold each tab upwards. Attach this semicircle to the inside of the dome with tape or glue.

Place on Cubetto and get ready for a sunny, fun adventure!

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