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Matt Lee

Cubetto Crafts | Dance Around the Tree

Build a new world in minutes. Craft a forest for Cubetto with simple steps, paper and tape. Dance around the tree Scandi style.


Construction paper or wrapping paper

Double-sided tape, glue, or stapler

Cone Template (Download Cone Template)


Pen or pencil

Some of your favourite craft supplies

How to

Download and print out our Cone Template. Cut out the template and lay on your paper. Trace and cut out your cone.

Now use a strip of double-sided tape, glue, or staples along one of the straight edges. You can also draw decorations on your tree while it is laying flat.

Curve the paper to make the two straight sides line up. Seal with the tape.

Feel free to decorate your tree any way you like. When you are done, place the tree on your home map.

Place Cubetto next to your tree. Write a program to make him dance in a circle around the tree. Whistle while he goes!

cubetto wooden toy robot activity scandi tree

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