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Matt Lee

Activity | Dress Cubetto As Your Favourite Animal

Slide an animal costume over Cubetto’s shell and set off on an expedition around your favourite map. Choose your favourite template and get colouring!


Downloadable leopard template, zebra template, turtle template, and plain template.


Markers, coloured pencils, or crayons

Double-sided tape or glue

How to

Download and print out one or all of the templates.

Go ahead and colour or decorate each costume as you see fit. Be as creative and unique as you like!!

Cut along the edges of the template. Make sure you leave the tabs that will be used to construct the costume.

Fold along the dotted edges. Glue or use double-sided tape along the tabs. Cut out the tail or extra pieces of the costume and attach to costume as shown on template.

Slide costume over Cubetto’s shell and have him gallop around your favourite map.


wooden friendly robot for kids 3-6 cubetto dressed animal on ocean adventure map

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