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Matt Lee

Activity | Mini Golf Course

Turn Cubetto into a golfing pro in five minutes. Design your own mini golf course, and help Cubetto hit a hole-in-one!


Green felt or fabric



Craft stick

Masking tape or washi tape

Small ball

How to

Tape a craft stick on to Cubetto’s side. Make sure it is low down and extends at least 6-7cm in front of Cubetto. This is Cubetto’s golf club.

To make the mini golf course, cut the felt into an interesting shape. Ours is a wavy strip about 45cm long. (We used multiple pieces taped together.)

At one end of the felt, cut a hole slightly larger than the ball.

Use any obstacles you like on your course. This doesn’t have to be a hole-in-one!

Place Cubetto in front of the felt at the opposite end of the hole. With Cubetto’s Control Board, use a Left or Right turn to swing your club. Use as many algorithms as you need to get your ball in the hole!


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