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Matt Lee

Activity | Outfit Cubetto with an Adventure Backpack

Use your crafting skills to make a backpack for Cubetto, ready to carry everything you need for your next adventure together!


A4 sheet of felt or stiff fabric

Needle and thread, stapler, or craft glue


Backpack Template

Tape or pins

Elastic bands, ribbon, or string – Button (optional)

How to

Download Backpack Template. Pin or tape to felt sheet and cut out along lines. Do not cut along dotted lines. Cut a buttonhole if you like.

Lay fabric flat. Fold along dotted lines. You can use an iron to make a crease if you like. If using a needle and thread, thread your needle and knot thread

Sew along joining edges by going through the fabric, then on top back to your original side and repeating. This is called a whip stitch. If using staples or glue, close and seal along joining edges.

Continue until all edges are closed except along the flap. Sew a button on the spot marked X if using one.

Use a ribbon, string, elastic or rubber band to attach Cubetto’s pack to his back. Now fill up with everything he needs to go on his next adventure!!

cubetto wooden friendly robot adventure backpack for coding adventure


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