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cubetto inspired animated avatar of Federica Orlati, Digital Factotum

Federica Orlati

Cubetto Crafts | Make a Dog Mask

Turn Cubetto into a dog and take him on an adventure in celebration of the Chinese Year of the Dog.


Dog mask template. Download it here.


Colouring pens/crayons

Sticky tape

How to

Print out the dog mask template on white paper and cut out the puppy face and two ears.

Decorate the paper cutouts with your favourite colours to bring your dog to life.

Using sticky tape, attach the dog ears to Cubetto’s side, right next to the face.

Don’t forget to cut out the eyes from the dog template so Cubetto can see!

Use some more sticky tape to stick the dog face to Cubetto’s face, making sure the eyes holes fit correctly.

Take Cubetto on a fun dog walk adventure around the park in the Big City and enjoy the celebration!




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