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cubetto inspired animated avatar of Federica Orlati, Digital Factotum

Federica Orlati

Cubetto Crafts | Make a Wooden Sledge for Cubetto

Take Cubetto on a sledging adventure across your favourite map.


7 miniature craft sticks

2 standard craft sticks


Tacky craft glue or glue gun

Wax paper


Paint and paintbrushes (optional)

How to

We used coloured lollipop sticks for the base of the sledge, but plain work fine, or you could paint plain sticks. Bonus points for extra creativity and imagination.

Lay down the 6 miniature crafts sticks flat on a piece of wax paper. Then glue them together side by side. If you have a glue gun this is the quickest way, but standard craft glue is fine – it will just take longer. 

This is the base of your sledge.

Glue each of the two longer sticks on either side of the base, vertically and longways – see photo for guide!

Now your sledge has runners!

Cut the last miniature craft stick to size and attach perpendicularly to the runners at the front of your sledge.

Place Cubetto a few inches in front of your sledge and loop the twine round in front of the robot to your newly constructed sledge. This will be your pulling rope.

Now you know the length of your pulling rope, cut the ends and glue them to your sledge.

Bring your Polar Expedition map to life as you set off on a speedy Arctic race across the snowy plains!


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