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cubetto inspired animated avatar of Federica Orlati, Digital Factotum

Federica Orlati

Cubetto Crafts | Make a Santa Hat and Gift Sack

Get Cubetto ready for the festive season with this easy craft activity.


Santa Hat Template (see below)

Sheet of red card

Pencil for tracing


Double-sided tape or glue

Cotton wool

Empty matchboxes

Small length of ribbon

Marker pens, coloured tissue paper or whatever else you’d like to use to decorate the mini gifts

Cubetto blocks bag

How to


Print out our Santa Hat Template. Download pdf.

Place it on the red card, trace around it and cut it out.

Bring the two straight edges together to make a cone. Overlap them slightly and secure with double-sided tape or glue. This is Santa’s hat!

Wrap double-sided tape or apply glue to the top of the hat and around the bottom rim. Attach some cotton wool in a ball shape to the top and wrap a length of wool along the bottom. Faux fur trim ahoy!

Decorate the matchboxes any way you’d like – we’ve used tissue paper, ribbon, washi tape and markers, and you could also use glitter or stick-on gems.

Place the mini gift boxes in Cubetto’s blocks bag – this is Santa’s gift sack.

See what games you can invent – try dotting the gifts around Cubetto’s map and coding Cubetto Santa to reach them 🙂


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