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Matt Lee

Cubetto Crafts | Make Cubetto into a Spooky Spider

See Cubetto crawl across your favorite map as a spooky spider.


4x black pipe cleaners

Black electrical tape

Ping pong ball



Marker pens

Sticky tape

How to

Cut the ping pong ball almost in half, leaving a small connection between the two halves.

Colour each half like insect eyeballs (see photo for inspiration)

Cut all pipe cleaners in half. Bend each half into a leg (see picture for guide).

Using the black tape, start over Cubetto’s eyes and begin to wind it around his sides. Tape down four legs per side until you have reached back to his face.

Tape his eyes over the black tape, using clear sticky tape.  

Shudder or shriek when you see him coming your way!


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