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Natasha Polyviou

Natasha Polyviou

Meet the Team: Alessandro, Head of International Projects


Alessandro Paglia is a big man on campus at Primo Toys. When he’s not brokering business deals to take Primo Toys across Europe and Asia, he’s cracking the whip on office projects and slaying us with his dry humour.

I’m responsible for…

Programme management and shared services, which includes logistics and account management. Basically I set up project management practices and serve as internal provider of services for the rest of the Primo Toys departments.

On a typical day…

I support the internal and external teams on various projects. I work to make everything more efficient.

I got here…

Because I wanted to love what I do. And I always tried to be true to that. At Primo Toys I love the product, the culture, the team. Also, I went to a Montessori primary school in Italy, and my first experience with a personal computer was with MSX and LOGO, so in a way it felt like coming home.

In my past life…

I worked for international video game companies and in the localisation of digital content.

My most memorable work moment…

Was when I was sent to Tokyo, Japan. I discovered a place that I fell in love with and where I spent some interesting years.

The best part of my job…

Is having every day a new challenge, something new to fix and some problems to solve. Keeping my brain busy. And my team. My team are awesome. [Edited by the Team] (Ed’s note: There’s that drollness.)

The most challenging part of my job…

Is also the best part of my job.

My special talent…

I think it’s problem-solving and a good level of emotional intelligence.

Outside of work…

I love to swim, to read and watch independent movies or anything that makes me think. I love travelling. And eating great food. And games.

My signature dish…

The dish people ask me for fairly regularly it’s ‘Manzo all’olio’ (beef in olive oil). My signature dish, though, is ‘Take whatever is in the fridge and make it taste good.’

I’m inspired by…

Peace to find stimulus, and by chaos to find peace.

My great ambition…

To be remembered with a smile. Or terror.

When I retire…

I hope I can travel. And spend some time appreciating art and food with the people I love. And I hope I will still love games.

If I wasn’t in international business…

I would be a writer. A comic book writer.

My advice to someone who wants to get into this line of work…

Be patient, try not to bring your job home too much, do it if it makes you happy. If you are good, you will make it.

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