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Klaas Kuperus

Klaas Kuperus

The joys of open source Pt.2


We’ve all fantasised of building a time machine in our backyard, those who succeeded aren’t around to tell us how. The next best thing was probably building a robot, which is exactly exactly what these guys did!

Start-Robot, an organization from Oviedo in Spain, teach children age 8 to 11 basic robotics, and during their weekend workshops, they worked with kids to build their own Cubetto Robot prototype. We had a chat with German, one of the Co-founders, who talked us through their process to date.

Primo: Of all the robots out there, why Cubetto?
German: On a number of occasions we were asked by schools and parents about workshops for kids age 4 to 6. Prompted by the demand I went online to search for educational robots aimed at younger children. I came across Cubetto. I thought it was awesome. Initially we wanted to buy one and then customise it. But then we realised you could build one from scratch using the files you released. We simply could not pass on the opportunity. This is where our adventure with Cubetto began.

Primo: You mentioned open source. How important is for you to work with open source software and hardware?
German: Crucial. The core objective of our courses is to prove anyone can become a maker and learn programming without bags of money. You only need determination and a helping hand. We teach the true spirit of collaboration.

Primo: Could you shed some light on progress thus far?
German: We are actually building two different models. For the first one we use Primo’s product documentation and the second one is a bespoke derivative. We hope you’ll like it. So far we’ve prepared a 3D render of Cubetto and compiled some source files that can be downloaded from our Github. The actual building phase is planned for the next few weekends. Fingers crossed! We intend to use a RedRap 3D printer we built two months ago. It’s thrilling to be able to utilise a project we’ve worked on previously to create something new. Like a chain of chemical reactions, one leads to another!

Primo: Last but not least, what sort of technologies do you use for your projects? Arduino has a special place in our heart.
German: Arduino is a great piece of hardware but I don’t work exclusively with their boards. I use whatever’s at hand really. Anything goes in in our lab (smile).

Call for makers!

If you want to share your project with us, get in touch on We would love to hear from you. We’re always on the lookout for things to tinker on and share.

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